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All of the ADVANCED Heat Treating Furnaces are calibrated quarterly by an outside service so you can be assured your parts are run with consistency—part-to-part, order-to-order.

We respond quickly and our experienced staff can meet your most difficult quality and technical challenges. Listed below, you will find a sampling of processes that we provide. We will tailor any process to meet your exact specifications:


  • Age hardening: lengths to 6'
  • Blasting: Steel Grit and Glass Bead
  • Carburizing
  • Induction Annealing to 60"
  • Induction Tempering to 60"
  • Normalizing: lengths to 6'
  • Salt Pot (Cyanide) Nitriding
  • Stainless Steel Processing
  • Stress Relieving: lengths to 6'
  • Annealing: all lengths to 6'
  • Carbonitriding
  • Cryogenic Treatment to -300° F
  • Induction Hardening to 60"
  • Neutral Hardening
  • Precipitation Hardening to 6’
  • Selective Carburizing
  • Straightening: lengths to 6’
  • Vacuum Annealing and Hardening

In addition, we use various types of quench media: water, oil, brine, polymer, nitrogen